Tips for Getting your House Ready for Summer

The warmer weather is teasing us and summer is almost here. Is there anything not to love about longer days, sand in your toes post afternoon swim at the beach and balmy nights on the deck or in the garden with a summer rosé?! Summer in the Northern Beaches never disappoints. While YOU might be ready for summer, your house might not be.

Refresh your home for summer with Leah’s tips for creating that perfect summer house:

Spring Clean

There is nothing better than a really clean house. Now is the time to get in and do a deep clean, in time for summer. The damp and cold winter days are gone and a spring clean refreshes your home brightening not just the house but your mood as well.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of tackling your whole house, take it room by room and be realistic about how long it will take. Or if it really starts to eat away at you, hire a professional cleaning team to come in and do the job for you.

Add some greenery

Adding greenery and plants to you home is an instant way to bring the outside in. Your house will feel fresh to match those summer vibes. There are endless options for bringing greenery into your home, from hanging ceiling pots, to installing a vertical garden if you have enough budget.

Of course, not everyone has a green thumb, so finding a quality garden maintenance team who can regularly tend to your garden but also nurture your indoor plants is a bonus. Our maintenance team works closely with our cleaners so between the two teams, Presto can ensure your indoor plants are looked after if you find them hard to sustain.

Garden Maintenance

Speaking of greenery, summer is really important to maintain your garden and keep it healthy. You must be watering and taking care of your grass and plants to ensure those summer pests and diseases don’t make for a sad and dried out garden and lawn. Regular composting, watering, and tending to the soil should help sustain your garden through a hot Sydney summer.

Have you ever noticed how much quicker your lawn grows in the summer months? Make sure you are keeping your lawns mowed down to keep it looking fresh and tidy as well as safe from any summer reptiles that like to come out in the summer months and hide in long grass.

Pressure clean your driveway, deck and house

Winter often leaves your home covered in gunk and grime. Dirt, debris, mould, moss and plenty of other things that make you go “ick” adhere to your deck, driveway, gutters and even the sides of your house. Get an experienced pressure clean team in to give the exterior of your house a good wash down. The results never disappoint and make a huge difference.

Pool Time Who doesn’t love a backyard pool to keep the kids busy and the grown ups cool over summer? But getting the PH and water levels right over summer needs to be done regularly, leaving it too long can quickly turn into a costly and painful process to get the pool water back to normal. That hot sun, plus plenty of people jumping in means you can’t afford to neglect your pool maintenance over summer.


Your home is already warmer with the stronger sun and longer hot days, so keep lights dimmed down or switched off to keep the temperature down. If you don’t have dimmers installed, it could be time to get them installed. Having one main feature lamp in the main living areas and using that rather than all the downlights is great for keeping your electricity bills down but also makes a stunning statement.

Give your outdoor entertaining area a facelift

Does your outdoor entertaining area need a bit of a facelift? There are plenty of quick and cost effective ways you can jazz up your outdoor living space in time for summer. Fixing up your decking, adding an outdoor bar area, or even building an inbuilt bbq area, bench seating, adding hanging plants and more, if you want some ideas on ways to really make your outdoor space pop for summer, the team at Presto have carpenters and landscapers on hand to help you have the outdoor living experience you want this summer.

If you’d like some help prepping your home for summer, you can call me about our experienced team here at Presto. From garden maintenance, to a pressure clean or full blown spring clean of your home - we’ve got the team to help.